Aisha Petunia
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Jack (brother)
Mrs. Petunia (mother)

First appearance

Winter Stories

Last appearance

The Petunias

Played by

Ariana Grande

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Aisha Petunia is a sister of Jack Petunia. She's played by Ariana Grande.


She is very pretty, but sometimes very mean. Sometimes she is funny or selfish. She is very love Timmy.


She is has a red hair with a dress.


In "Winter Stories" or her first appearance, she just appears on a coffee shop with a man or can called a cameo.
In "A new Fan on town", she's looks live at Dimmsdale and very mean, but pretty. When she don't know who is Timmy, she is love with a cactus! She's hugging the cactus, drink together, and she just looks like "crazy" before she know who is Timmy. But, when she know who is Timmy, she's totally crush with Timmy and it's seen Aisha didn't love with cactus again.
Her third appearances is on "The Petunias", where Timmy meet Aisha's family, Aisha seen still love with Timmy and a cactus. Her mother is "Mrs. Rita Petunia", and she's look falls in love with a rock.


Aisha and TimmyEdit

When Aisha meet Timmy in the first time, she's totally crush with him.

Aisha and TootieEdit

Sometime Aisha very mad to Tootie because she's love with Timmy too.

Aisha and JackEdit

Jack is looks very "ridiculous" and Aisha didn't like ridiculous people. It's seen Aisha like Jack and hate Jack too.

Aisha and Mrs. PetuniaEdit

Aisha very like her mother. Her mother is a chef who love with a rock.


  • Why Aisha still love with Timmy, but she's have a boyfriend at the coffee shop in the spin-offs called "Winter Stories"? It's impossible if Aisha's "boyfriend" is Jack, because he is very different than Jack.

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