There are many characters of FOP Movie characters.

Main CharactersEdit

Picture (Animated Version) Picture (Movie Version) Name Description
Timmy Turner TimmyLAc Timmy Turner Timmy Turner is the central character of the film, the plot revolving around his refusal to grow up and let go of his fairy godparents. He still lives with his parents, attends Crocker's fifth grade class, has never kissed a girl outside of a dare, and rides a children's bicycle to school. Timmy's scheme to keep his fairies is jeopardized when Tootie returns to town with a makeover, and Timmy begins to fall in love with her, thereby making him an adult and threatening to cause him to lose his fairies for good.
Played by: Drake Bell
Cosmo untuk Wordpress CosmoCosmaFOPMOVIE Cosmo Cosmo is still the same old Cosmo after thirteen years, dimwitted but lovable. He does not want Timmy to fall in love with Tootie because he knows it means he'll have to separate from his godchild and best friend forever. At one point in the movie, Cosmo transforms into a human (played in live action) in order to disrupt Timmy and Tootie's date.
Played by: Daran Norris (CGI); Jason Alexander (human disguise)
Wanda Venus Untuk Wordpress WandaLAc Wanda Wanda, like Cosmo, does not want to be separated with her godchild, and works to disrupt Timmy and Tootie's relationship before it can progress to the point of true love. At one point in the movie, she and Cosmo turn into human waiters (played in live action) in order to disrupt Timmy and Tootie's date.
Played by: Susanne Blakeslee (CGI); Cheryl Hines (human disguise)
LiveActionPoof Poof Poof is Cosmo and Wanda's son. He was wished into existence by Timmy. After thirteen years, Poof is still a baby, likely because of the slowed aging process of fairies. Timmy is trying to get Poof to say his first word during the course of the movie.
Played by: Tara Strong
LActionToot Tootie Tootie is no longer a gawky little girl with pig-tails and braces, but a beautiful grown woman. Tootie loves nature, animals, and her livelihood involves environmentalism. Despite her maturity, Tootie's love for Timmy still burns passionately inside, and bits of her old personality escape whenever she is around Timmy.
Played by: Daniella Monet

Supporting charactersEdit

Picture (Animated Version) Picture (Movie Version) Name Description
Mr. Turner Mr. Turner is Timmy's dad and Mrs.Turner's husband
Played by: Daran Norris
Mrs. Turner Mrs. Turner is Timmy's mom and Mr. Turner's wife
Played by: Teryl Rothery
Jorgen Von Strangle The strongest and toughest fairy in Fairy World. A strict abider of "Da Rules", he is concerned that Timmy's extended possession of fairy godparents will risk their capture, so he's determined to make Timmy fall in love so he can grow up and lose Cosmo, Wanda and Poof forever.
Played by: Mark Gibbon
Chester McBadbat Timmy's financially-poor but kind-hearted buddy has grown up to become a security guard.
Played by: Chris Anderson
A.J. A.J. is one of Timmy's friends since he was 10 years old and 23 years old.
Played by: Jesse Reid
Katie Katie is one of Timmy's classmates.
Ravi Ravi is one of Timmy's classmates.
Howie Howie is one of Timmy's classmates.
Mouse Mouse is one of Timmy's classmates.


Picture (Animated Version) Picture (Movie Version) Name Description
MagnateJR Hugh J. Magnate Jr. Hugh J. Magnate Jr. is the main villain of the movie. He is an oil tycoon who wants to turn the decrepit Dimmsdale Park into a hotel oil well. Magnate appears to have issues with his father which may have caused him to be so hostile towards children and nature.
Played by: Steven Weber
DENZEL COCKER LiveActionCrock Denzel Crocker Denzel Crocker is still Timmy Turner's fifth grade teacher, and is still as suspicious as ever about Timmy's fairies. He is convinced that Timmy is staying in his class as a way to keep his fairies. Until Hugh J. Magnate arrived however, Crocker did not have the funding or means to prove it.
Played by: David Lewis
VickyStockArt VickyFOPMovie Vicky Vicky, Timmy's evil former babysitter and Tootie's older sister, is nearly in her thirties, but is still as mean as she was as a teenager. She now owns a day care center, which she runs like a prison, feeding the kids expired squirtable cheese.
Played by: Devon Weigel


Picture (Animated Version) Picture (Movie Version) Name Description
Aisha petunia Aisha Petunia Aisha Petunia is Jack Petunia's sister. She's very pretty but selfish, like Trixie. Her debut appearance is on "A New Fan in Town, she looks live at Dimmsdale and very selfish and mean, but pretty. She's falls in love with Timmy, but, before she knows more about Timmy, she's love with a cactus.
Played by: Ariana Grande
0!765432 Marina Marina is one of popular kids, and she's one of Veronica's "frenemy" (friends & enemy). Marina likes "unpopular kids". However, Veronica hates "unpopular kids".
Played by: Jennette McCurdy
180px-Angel In 3D Angel Callie Angel is a popular baby. (note:more information uploaded soon).
Played by: Tara Strong
Loof Loof Loof is Cosma and Wando daughter. Same like her parents, Poof going to "Poofs Gend" and being female. Automatic, his name is changed to be "Loof". Her personality is just looks like Lily (appeared on the animated series).
Played by: Tara Strong