The Odd Switch Gender


Odd Switch Gender is a spin-off.


A kid called "Nana" wish to Cosmo & Wanda (because Timmy open a business called "Wishful Thinking) for a machine called "Poofs Gend". "Poofs Gend" machine is use for a switch gender. But, the machine is to make trouble. Cosmo goes to the machine, and he almost pushed the button for a switch gender. Wanda says "Cosmo, don't push the button!", but, she fell into the machine, and they are switch gender! Wanda's name is Wando, and Cosmo's name is Cosma! And, Poof is go to "Poofs Gend" machine, and his name is Loof! And, Timmy must saving Cosma, Wando, and Loof before it's too late!


  • Cosma and Wando are appears at The Fairly OddParents (animated) on episode The Boy Who Would Be Queen.
  • The name Loof is a combination between Poof and Lulu.